At Interactive Solutions, communication is everything.

Since 1996, ISI has been dedicated to enhancing interpersonal communication through video technology. From our roots as integrators of the first IP-based video conferencing systems to today's high-definition, mobile-enabled, accessable-anywhere communications platforms, we have been leaders in using video to enhance collaboration, facilitate learning, foster teamwork, and eliminate distance as a factor in how people interact with one another. Our systems help educators reach students in and out of the classroom. They bring doctors and patients together across hundreds of miles of ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. They help executives of Fortune 500 companies run more effective businesses. They have even saved lives at rural hospitals in  Mississippi and Arkansas, and continue to do so each day.

Video solutions for any application

At ISI, we have the experience and the knowledge to bring the latest in video to bear in any environment, from simple classroom presentation systems to statewide telemedicine networks. To see how we can help you, contact our solutions team, or check out the following:

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