Solutions For Government Agencies

The age-old challenge to government workers, departments, and offices—do more with less—is present today more than ever before. 

ISI has extensive experience in assisting agencies to save costs while increasing productivity through video conferencing. We have created solutions for the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security, VA Hospitals, the United States Army, the United States Coast Guard, and many other departments and agencies.

ISI has several outstanding state and federal contracts to allow easy procurement of equipment and services, as well as experienced technicians with the current security clearances needed to install systems in facilities dealing with classified information. We also have dedicated sales and support staff who understand budget cycles, bidding processes, and the other nuances of government procurement accountable to multiple layers of oversight.

Let ISI show you how our custom, integrated video conferencing solutions can help you do more with less. Give us a call, or contact our solutions team.

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